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Top 5 Missionary Locations

Top 5 Missionary Locations

Primarily an activity associated with Christians, missionaries are religious people who seek to enter other countries with the aim of both spreading their religion, while also assisting with aid to that country. This aid is most often in the form of home help, healthcare, education, construction, or childcare. The help they do is often combined with an undertone of religion, such as providing literacy classes where they write for the reader to learn both English and the Bible. The concept is to take the lead from Jesus’ example of helping the poor, mimicking this in the most needy places in the world.

Despite 26 countries still not letting Christian missionaries in, there are around 400,000 missionaries spread across the globe today. They are on every continent (except Antartica), and can be found in the most unlikely places. For example, the most amount of missionaries in the world are in the United States. This is due to the access that the US can provide to all kinds of backgrounds, including refugees, while they help to curb further dwindling of Christianity. This is also why there are high numbers of missionaries in the United Kingdom and France.


However, aside from the US, the top 5 countries that have missionaries are much poorer countries. Brazil has around 20,000 Christian missionaries working to providing humanitarian services, especially in terms of clean water and food. Missionaries come, not only from the US but also from Africa and Spain to help out in Brazil.


Russia also has around 20,000 missionaries and has been a popular destination in providing religious guidance since the collapse of the USSR and in light of the current political issues. They also provide food, education, and healthcare.

The Congo

One of the most dangerous countries in the world, The Congo suffers from terrible guerrilla warfare. Despite the risks, around 15,000 missionaries travel to The Congo each year to provide access to education. South Africa is close behind this with 12,000 missionaries entering every year to help set up new churches and provide farming education and skills.


Aside from the European destinations where missionaries hope to increase the Christian population, Argentina is the 5th most visited place where 10,000 missionaries usually aim to construct shelter for the citizens living in slums.

While some may not agree with this form of spreading Christianity, missionaries aim to assist people all over the world to alleviate crushing poverty.While some may not agree with this form of spreading Christianity, missionaries aim to assist people all over the world to alleviate crushing poverty.